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Malaysia’s State Formation: Small Steps and Large Outcomes of a Contested Leviathan

This is my latest book, currently in press. The book will be out perhaps end of this year or early 2024. This book comes up with the Contested Leviathan Framework to describe the essence of Malaysia’s political economy. The framework is developed from tracing Malaysia’s political economy over approximately 157 years (1800-1957) and tested against the many issues confronting post-colonial Malaysia. Using concepts of timing, sequence, path dependence and increasing returns the book explains that Malaysia’s political economy is the result of deep institutional processes; that whilst British administration made short-term rational choices it failed to take into consideration the path-dependent nature of policy choices and their long-term unintended consequences that preserved Malaysia’s terms of reference and produced autonomous communities with mutually – exclusive political, economic and social institutions. These institutional qualities made it imperative for actors, at some point, to embark on some form of power-sharing arrangement. Applying the contested leviathan framework the book explains that recent events – the first electoral turnover in 2018 and the formation of a unity government in 2022 – have done little to dismantle the character of Malaysia’s political economy; a state that still sees political, economic and social life along ethnic imperatives driven by mutually exclusive institutions and interests. For a full account of the book you might want to visit the website:https://www.routledge.com/Malaysias-State-Formation-Small-Steps-and-Large-Outcomes-of-a-Contested/Noh/p/book/9781032340951  

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