Month: October 2019


The Middle East , A Quick Assessment.

The US recently confirmed the death of ISIS leader Abu-Bakr Al Bagdadi during a US military raid in Northwestern Syria. This is a win in the fight against terrorism and a welcome news for those wanting lasting peace in the region. The death of Al-Baghdadi could well be an important turning point to the ongoing…

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More on Governance, Less on Government

Since the late 1990s, works on governance have increasingly assumed central attention among scholars working in the field of of public administration and public policy. There is now greater need to make the distinction between governance from government when it comes to public service delivery. The waves of democratisation in the 1990s and the introduction…

Public Policy

Participatory Governance: A New Way of Treating Public Policy?

There are increasing efforts by governments to involve citizen in government process. The idea about encouraging citizens’ participation in the policy process stems from the wave of democratisation process that is brought on by increased connectivity and the democratisation of knowledge where citizens want to be consulted on issues of public interests. Participatory governance is…