Month: August 2019

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Protesters need to craft their own terms as US distance from Hong Kong

The protests in Hong Kong are showing no signs of letting up. This weekend, protesters are organising several street marches on major sites in the territory continuing their decry of what they called “the erosion of one country, two-systems model.” Meanwhile, Hong Kong authorities are mounting tighter security measures on all modes of public transport.…

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About-turns in US Foreign Policy

In recent months, the United States has embarked on several foreign policy stances that are threatening the strategic outlook in different parts of the world. The US-China trade tiff is beginning to fray nerves in Asian economies with many analysts warning of a possible recession. The US decision to withdraw thousands of military personnel from…

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Public Services Over the Years

Over the last 100 years or so, the nature of public services has changed tremendously. In the late nineteenth century, there was a fascination for a minimal state. At the time, majority of services were delivered by charitable organisations and private organisations. When it came to public provision, the state role was marginal during this…

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Asian stocks expected to take some knocks following Wall Street

Asian stocks are expected to take another beating after Wall Street suffered another rocky session. With yields on treasury bills declining, markets are not taking the latest US tariffs announcement on Chinese imports too kindly. President Donald Trump said he planned to talk to his Chinese counterpart soon regarding the latest trade issue. Many however…